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Helping SEA Students With The ‘Focus Zone'

The feeling of being in control of not just test anxiety, but general anxiety, is an empowering gift to give to anyone.”

S.E.A Woes

 Oh Lord I feel like I am doing SEA with my child. They are so smart but they not focusing at all.

Sounds Familiar? We have hundreds of parents a year come to us with this same song and we help them to sing a better tune.

S.E.A. exams. This represents a stressful time for parents and their children who are taking the exam. Parents know too well that the pressure placed on your child to excel at the SEA exam has resulted in them experiencing high stress. This in turn impairs their focus and at times causes high anxiety.  Have you noticed your child having problems sleeping, isolating themselves, feeling irritated easily,forgetting simple things or work they already mastered? Then your child may befalling victim to the SEA stress. When stressed, the adrenal glands release a hormone called cortisol which is good in some situations, but high and prolonged levels can wreak havoc. Electric signals in the hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with learning and memory, begin to lose strength! Ultimately, the result of this negatively affects your child’s performance, memory and even their self esteem and confidence.


But Wait- There’s Hope!


We at Allegori have found scientific methods to help students overcome these challenges, through the use of neurotraining. We have the opportunity to share with your child a method of increasing memory, increasing focus, reducing anxiety and creating better sleeping habits through a programme called the Focus Clinic. The Focus Clinic is specially tailored towards the needs of students.

The image above shows the improvements made by students at Bishop Anstey Junior in 2019 over the course of 3 weeks.

"My son attended the Focus Clinic after which I saw a vast change in him for the better. His focus and subsequently grades improved tremendously. I have also seen him mature so much. Thank you". Javed Baksh

see more of how the Focus Clinic has students here

How do we do this?

Let’s first look at the brain. The brain operates using electoc-chemical signals which can be characterized by different types of brain waves. Each brain wave reflects our capabilities in performing various tasks, such as recall, computation, focus, interest, etc. In our mind labs these brain waves are observed in real-time using an EEG (electroencephalogram). The EEG is a simple device; it is a light headset that is placed on the subject’s head, with sensors directly touching the scalp. We then teach the student how to put their brains into a state of calm or high focus and this is why we see such amazing results.

At Allegori, we use the EEG to observe your child’s present brain wave patterns and can identity areas of concern or areas to work on. Through the various brain training exercises we teach your child.

We call it the Focus Zone and it works a treat. We trained over 370 students in the last year.

Through the Focus Clinic, we teach your child exercises that can be practiced at any time, which means that your child can continue to master their mind on their own for as long as they live. We even provide support after their training so they don't lose any of the techniques they have learned.

"My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD last year when her grades started to fall. But after doing the first level of this programme has be given the skills needed and confidence that she can focus and regain her academic standing". Adella Neverson

The feeling of being in control of not just test anxiety, but general anxiety, is an empowering gift to give to anyone. Not only that, but parents have the relief and confidence of knowing that their child is able to help themselves in academically stressful situations. With this, we urge you to get in control of stress before it takes control of you! Contact us today for more information on the Focus Clinic.