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FOcus Clinic
Online program

The children of front-line for COVID-19 will be accepted free of charge for the duration of the pandemic. This applies for the Caribbean.

49 USD per month

Sessions done 2 days per week

95 USD per month

Sessions done 5 days per week




We want our students to have structure while enjoying learning. It's a difficult time for everyone right now so we put together an online program to help your child stay occupied, healthy and mentally fit.

This applies for the entire caribbean.

Sessions will be conducted online-
> Each day students will get challenges as well as education on key topics including virology, critical thinking, mindfulness, journaling. world events.

> They will learn advance memory techniques to up to 5x their retention
> Fitness, mental and physical health is also important and will be addressed.

> Each day ends with a camp fire session where they can discuss what going on on their ends or we just enjoy games night online.

> Some of their work will also be featured on

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