GIve the gift of focus and save up to $1500

for people that want a gift that will help a child improve their focus

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The way education is done has changed and the focus issues with our children preparing for SEA has become even more apparent.

WE will give them the edge they need to stay on top of thier work regardless of the change.

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WHether you have had your child formally diagnosed or not but you notice challenges with their focus. We can help.

Our first clients through the door we adhd and autistic students. We built our programs today with them in mind first.

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what's included
in the sleep suite?

neurotraining for
Setting the right brain state for Quality sleeP
Reducing running thoughts
Reducing sleep interruptions
Reducing time to sleep

Temperature regulation
Setting body temperature for sleep

Sleep Tracking
You will get your own sleep tracker to monitor your sleep quality


Over 440 students & 3000 hours of training

We teach students how to regulate their brain activity to measurably improve their focus and academic performance.

In 2020 we had all of our SEA students pass for their first choice.
We are super proud of them. Some of them went from 40% to 96% and finished thier exams with as much as 30 mintues to spare.

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See that on her head?

That's and eeg device. this allows you and your child to see their brain activity visualised in real-time.

We then teach how to regulate thier brain activity to measurably improve thier focus.

It's all about the data so there is no guess work.

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i am concerned that my child may have adhd

We have helped hundreds of children manage ADHD and even end their reliance on medication.

They will learn how to self regulate and most importantly resist distractions.

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Port of Spain, San Fernando

Over 3500ttd in value for just


Save over $1500 if you purchase your gift certificate before DEC 23

Price includes 4 training sessions. Parents get free sleep training (for insomniacs) if needed

if you sign up for more sessions the discount still applies

gift certificates can be mailed to you or collected in the OVAL Office in POS.

Payments can be made via online banking or direct deposit

need to speak to us directly call or whatsapp 739-8418

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