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Having done the Sleep Suite program, there has been a tremendous improvement in my quantity and quality of sleep. The brain is a tool and through his training , I have been able to understand the importance of taking control of my brain . From 3-4 hrs of sleep to a solid 7hrs or more is a great improvement in just 2 weeks. No need to count sheep , just use Sleep Suite

Keevan Lewis, Entertainment Entrepreneur

I have had problems sleeping for the past couple of years. It’s been challenging. I’m so thankful to Allegori for helping me manage this very important issue that we sometimes take for granted. Within a couple of sessions I was able to see a marked difference in the amount and quality of the sleep that I was getting. I would highly recommend this service.

Vaughnette Bigford, Entertainment Entrepreneur

Getting 8 hours of sleep has been a challenge for me for years, it only happened once in a blue moon. My sleeping patterns were so bad I convinced myself all I needed was 3 hours of sleep to function. The process was very straightforward, basically like a game. I can say my quality of sleep improved immediately. I now get 8 full hours of sleep regularly.

Immanuel Ottway

I had problems sleeping, sometimes 3am I am still up and as a result I felt very fatigued and stressed. I was able to train my brain! yes! let it know it's time to sleep! After the 1st session my sleep improved! I dreamt too! I have graduated to quality sleep. Sleep is life! I feel better and is enjoying a good balance of deep , light and REM sleep!

Clara Tidd

A hectic and demanding lifestyle creates the risk for  insomnia. I would normally medicate to fall asleep and stay asleep. the techniques I learnt in Sleep Suite has helped to the point that I no longer medicate. The service and professionalism is remarkable.

Sherry-Ann Astor

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How it works

You will learn how to control your brain activity to keep your mind from running about and get you the sleep you need.
You've worked hard let's help you rest.

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Realtime Brain data

learn how to regulate brain activity for success using our brain activity visualisation and training tool.

EEG data streaming`

Focus Training

Focus Indicator measures their focus in realtime


Is this really free


Yes it is. We have pooled our resources between our partners to help our country recover. A rising tide lifts all boats. If things are better for you things are better for us. You can donate to help make this easier for us to do because we are nearly all small businesses but let's get you the sleep you need first.

What about the results


Our clients significantly increase the quantity of sleep they get; as much as 100% more. They report waking feeling rested and energised. We even had a few that started back exercising in the morning. Let's help you get to the sleep you need and deserve. See results below

Before Training

After Training

Does something have to go on their heads?


Yes. An EEG device, which is available for purchase. It is an important part of the training and is required for some exercises. It iseasy to set up and non-invasive

What is EEG?


EEG or electroencephalograms are a non-invasive measure of electrical activity in the brain. It doesn’t put anything into the brain. It only allows us to record what happening. The EEG headset which is required for use and is available at our Focus Labs but you can order it and have your own Focus Lab at home. The device is a sold separately.

Does it hurt?


EEG are painless and fun. Some people may experience very mild fatigue which usually passes within an hour or two. Most sessions on Allegori Online are about 20-35 minutes which is comfortable usage for the headsets.

Are there side effects?


EEG is safe and has no side effects. One may feel a little tired after training but that passes quickly and reduces significantly with repeated use. It’s like the gym the more you train the better you get and the faster you recover.

How many sessions do i get?


Focus Labs will be available on Saturdays starting from November 6th until December 31. There will likely be a break on Christmas and Public Holidays. You will get unlimited number of sessions within that time but once your sleep improves we ask that you leave space for others to get served. Practice your techniques and it should be ok.

How long does it take to start seeing results?


Typically we start seeing results within the first month. Some clients get changes in as little as a week. Everyone is different so keep an eye out on the changes you experience and be sure to practice on an off the platform so you start bringing your training into everyday life. You'll be surprised where you can use it.

I’m forgetting this so easily can this help


Yes, quite often users were experiencing, mental fatigue, irritability, difficulty grasping things, forgetfulness, fragmented attention amongst others. Allegori Online can help. The platform is designed to help reduce mental fatigue and maximize cognitive efficiency so that energy can be put into repair and even learning and memory. Typically memory is amongst the first to start improving. Please note this is not a remedy for dementia and you should seek a clinician for support with that.

Where are your focus labs?


Locations are in, Trinidad- POS at Daniell Institute of Learning on De Verteuil Street and CTS college in Chaguanas.

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